2017 has been an active year for music. You can purchase these great CDs here.

Mi Boricua

The island is calling.

The Latin-themed Spanish language album Mi Boricua highlights Carlos Eton's return to his Puerto Rican roots.

Right on the heels of his successful "The Random One" experimental concept album, Carlos Eton's album Mi Boricua features the true and full expression of his love for Borinquen, romance, humor, passion … even Sofrito.

In these songs, Carlos has not only heeded his call to return to his native passions, but takes us along on the homeward journey.

And there is much to share: the opening rhythms of "Sofrito", the deep love and affection in "Dimelo", the comedy of the effects of "Tequila", the expression of hopeful sadness in "Loser", rhythmic emotion and deep love of "Mi Boricua", and many more. You will feel the passion, emotion, and humor that will stay with you, even after the album's last song fades into the recesses of your soul.

Even if you do not know a single word of Spanish ... you will find yourself singing along with these melodic treasures.

The Random One

Sometimes the craziest ideas are the most fun ones. 

The Carlos Eton CD "The Random One" is filled with musical treasures of various genres, imaginative musicianship, and very memorable hooks.

From island to jazz, to ballad, to rock and roll, to edgy comedy music, this CD is powered with electrifying songs that will make you sing, dance, and even laugh.

Ever since he was a little boy, Puerto Rican born Carlos Eton has lived an unconventional life, his personal history resembling a curious and quirky youth coloring outside the lines. His unique experiences are reflected in his love of musical and comical diversity. 

The Random One captures Carlos Eton's passionately animated spirit, as well as his respect for his musical influences: Jimmy Buffet, Santana, George Carlin, Steely Dan, Rodney Dangerfield, Reel Big Fish, Frank Zappa, Return To Forever, Colin Mochrie, and Eric Clapton.

The Random One is a rare and remarkable gem of emotion, humor, and enthusiasm.